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Office of Research at the U-M Medical School

The Office of Research at the University of Michigan Medical School strives to enhance the research enterprise, including maintaining an investigator-focused infrastructure, facilitating and diversifying investigators' avenues for funding, and streamlining research processes. It includes more than a dozen units offering a wide range of support to the research community. The team's primary mission is to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency that serves the Medical School research community and, ultimately, contributes to positive patient impact.

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Clinical Trials Support Office

The Medical School Office of Research and MICHR have joined forces to implement a new organizational structure, common infrastructure, and redesigned processes necessary for transforming the clinical trials enterprise by 2018. The organizational structure includes the establishment of a central Clinical Trials Support Office (CTSO) and seven trans-departmental Clinical Trials Support Units (CTSUs) that are aligned around common areas of research.

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University of Michigan Office of Research

With almost $1.4 billion in research expenditures annually, the University of Michigan is one of the world’s leading research universities. The U-M Office of Research (UMOR) supports this enterprise by cultivating interdisciplinary research and providing a range of services across all three campuses.

UMOR’s activities include fostering new research; providing central research administration; building partnerships with industry, government and academia; managing knowledge transfer and economic development; supporting a culture of ethical research and compliance by providing guidance and oversight; overseeing research policy; and advocating for university research among such key constituencies as federal and state government, industry, and the media.

Under the direction of the Office of the Vice President for Research, UMOR’s diverse units serve to coordinate, support, and strengthen U-M’s research enterprise. UMOR includes 11 service units in addition to nine interdisciplinary academic units and initiatives.

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Fast Forward Medical Innovation

Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI) offers resources and support to world-class biomedical researchers at the University of Michigan, and across the state. Their groundbreaking funding programs, dynamic educational offerings, and deep industry connections help biomedical researchers navigate the road to successful innovation and commercialization, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting human health.

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Clinical Sciences Scholars Program
The Clinical Sciences Scholars Program (CSSP) provides scholars with a generous start-up package from both departmental and institutional sources, paring them with a career mentor who is a recognized leader in clinical research and whose expertise aligns with the scholar’s major area of interest. Through the program, scholars are integrated into a multidisciplinary network of clinical researchers, with focused attention on – and support for – career development that spans specific scientific content, clinical research methodology, and leadership skills. They are also connected with colleagues in the basic and translational sciences.

The goals of the Clinical Sciences Scholars Program (CSSP) are to provide robust support and mentorship and develop both institutional and national leaders in the field of clinical research.